Heklatech is a consultant company for Linux based measurement systems and specific instruments, mostly for low level radioactivity measurements.

Software based measurement systems

The following homepage, made for the Chalmers University of Technology is an internet laboratory where measurement excercises can be made through the internet with real instruments at the backend.

Internet Laboratory

The frontend is written in PHP. The measurements are performed by Python scripts and the instruments are controlled through GPIB.

Other products are the following:



A multi channel analyser for measurements of 14C and Radon.

It can be connected directly to a PC computer or run separately in a remote area. It can either send the results through a GSM-modem or collect the results on a USB-memory stick.

The pictures below show the

Icel C-14 instrumentICEL C-14 detector

A brief introduction to the 14C version can be found here.


Timulus is a photogate timer for educational purposes. It has two photogate inputs, compatible with both Science First and Pasco photogates. It has a resolution of 3us and can measure time up to 3 hours. 

Timulus with pendulumTimulus photogate timer

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